Interested in exploring the relationship between Christianity, technology, and the future? Members of the association are available to lead classes, congregations, meetup groups, colleges, youth events, and other gatherings. We can conduct lively group discussions, or present stimulating ideas to serious audiences of lay people and academics. 

There are lots of possibilities, and we can work with you. Contact us to discuss details! 


Micah Redding

Micah Redding is a software developer and writer on the subject of human values and technology. He grew up as the son of a Church of Christ preacher, and is a fourth-generation graduate of a small Christian university.

As a software developer, he has worked with startups to tackle challenging business and technical problems, using insights from agile development and the open source community. His work on diverse mobile and web projects led him to create classes, lectures, and podcasts which aim to bridge the worlds of business and technological strategy, and help business leaders work confidently with software development teams.

Micah currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has helped to organize vibrant inter-religious dialogue, leading conversations between Christians, atheists, Buddhists, Baha’is, and Muslims — and challenging Christians to think deeply about the meaning and significance of their faith. He spent several years promoting and working with a large annual charity walk, and has coordinated community events like cutting-edge art festivals and public conversations on technology and the future of the human race.


The Rev. Dr. Christopher J. Benek

The Rev. Dr. Christopher Benek is a pastor serving the largest church in the Presbytery of Tropical Florida - First Presbyterian Church, Ft. Lauderdale. Chris earned his Masters degrees in Divinity and Theology (Ethics) from Princeton Theological Seminary. He is also the youngest graduate of the first cohort of the world’s first Doctor of Ministry program focusing on Science and Theology. The program was started at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in collaboration with the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Currently, Chris is also enrolled at Durham University in England where he is working on a Ph.D. in Theology focusing on the intersection of technological futurism and eschatology. Chris’ religious and social commentary has been featured in many of the world’s most prominent news sources. To connect or learn more about him please visit his website: christopherbenek.com


Dorothy Deasy

Dorothy Deasy is a Design Researcher, specializing in contextual ethnography. She has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, helping to inform strategy, product development and communications. Her studies have explored such varied topics as the future of transportation, the meaning of beauty and the intersection of work and place. She presented a theoretical study investigating “what if conference rooms had never been invented” at EPIC and has published on non-assumptive research for product development. She is a religious transhumanist, serving as Board member and Secretary for both the Mormon Transhumanist Association and the Christian Transhumanist Association. Additionally, she has recently been elected Chief Humanitarian Officer for the Mormon Transhumanist Association, is a contributing writer for IEET and an active fellow for BrighterBrains.org. An advocate for the social justice aspects of transhumanism, she conducted a qualitative research study of empathy in culture, which she presented as a workshop at the Science in Society’s Fourth International Conference in November, 2012. She has a Masters of Applied Theology from Marylhurst University in Portland, OR and her thesis was on spirituality in a transhuman age.