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FuturePod: Hindsight, Foresight and Insight

by Jay Gary

March 17, 2019

Recently, I was interviewed by Peter Hayward, host of FuturePod, a new source for practicing futurists, and shared how my work as a practicing futurist came about, and how I became an accidental academic, helping groups using visioning exercises t...

What if we ‘Led From The Future’?

by Jay Gary

February 05, 2018

Recently I had the privilege of being on the Dr.Nilda Show to share how I was drawn to the future as I started my career and why foresight is essential to leading business and society. I also shared what futurists talk about when they get together...

Professional Futurists Appoint New Chair

by Jay Gary

January 07, 2018

Having trained myself to think like a futurist, I was invited in 2002 to the founding meeting of the Association of Professional Futurists.

Toward a Foresight Competency Model

by Jay Gary

December 22, 2017

How competent are you in anticipating and shaping the future? How competent are you in helping teams do the same, as a manager or a consultant? The Foresight Competency Model represents the practices that foresight professionals draw upon and use ...

Foresight Professionals 2030: A Delphi

by Jay Gary

April 06, 2015

After 2 years, and 3 rounds of peer review, my landmark global Delphi for 2030 has been published. See the URL link to: Gary, J. E., & von der Gracht, H. A. (2015, August). The future of foresight professionals: Results from a global Delphi s...

Foresight Educator’s Bootcamp

by Jay Gary

January 11, 2015

I will teach a one-day master course at the World Future Society this summer to precede their annual conference. I am calling it the Foresight Educator's BootCamp.

How to Think Like a Futurist

by Jay Gary

December 14, 2014

Recently I was asked me to develop a course that anyone could take on "how to think like a futurist." What emerged was a 16-week elective, A&S 392: Contemporary Futurist Thought: From H.G. Wells to Ray Kurzweil.

Terra Nova: The Religious Quest for Tomorrow

by Jay Gary

June 18, 2014

Religious imagination first re-framed our quest toward tomorrow. Can it still move us in the twenty-first century to recreate our worlds?

Welcome to

by Jay Gary

June 06, 2013

Thank you for visiting I created this site to help you reframe your future based on my latest papers, workshops, consulting, and features.

Future Shock or Adaptive Change?

by Jay Gary

April 16, 2013

Forty years ago, America was gripped by Future Shock, so claimed Alvin Toffler. Are we seeing the eclipse of Future Shock as a younger, more adaptable workforce comes into its own?  Future Shock was a book released in 1970, but it was also an idea...

Outlook for 2020: A Delphi

by Jay Gary

October 01, 2012

In the fall of 2011 I conducted a Real-time Delphi survey with members of Empowered21, entitled: "Outlook 2020: The future of Spirit-empowered Christianity."

PeakFutures marks its 10th year

by Jay Gary

January 13, 2012

Based on more than a decade of management consulting, in 2003 I formed PeakFutures as a firm to offer foresight training, research and assessments for teams and organizations.

Strategic leadership competencies

by Jay Gary

June 01, 2011

How do we know whether a manager’s experiences and skills are sufficient to operate at a strategic level in an organization? What insight does recent research on strategic leadership shed on these challenges?

Toward a New Macrohistory

by Jay Gary

March 01, 2011

This paper views Sardar’s postnormal times as embryonic, and extends it using ecosystems theory. To develop Sardar's concept as a macrohistory, Holling's adaptive cycle and panarchical systems are proposed as mechanisms of change that create postn...

What is Your Foresight Style?

by Jay Gary

January 06, 2010

Psychologists have told us that humans are distinct in their ability to think forward. To what degree is foresight an innate human function of our brain power, or thinking preferences?

Leading from the Future

by Jay Gary

June 22, 2004

What has occupied your executive team’s attention the past three years? Chances are you have been restructuring departments or reengineering core programs for immediate gain, rather than regenerating your strategies or reinventing your organizatio...