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Blasphemy: Reciting the Apostles Creed in First Person - Episode 36

by Samuel McConnell

July 01, 2019

If the Spirit of Christ dwells in are hearts, and if we are supposed to be Christlike. . . then the Apostle's Creed is about us. 

The Realities of Social Construction: Interview by Micah Redding, Executive Director of the Christian Transhumanist Society

by Samuel McConnell

November 15, 2018

Joint project with the Christian Transhumanist Podcast! of interesting questions. How can we love religion when so many are hurt? How do we describe the reality of social construction? Does Jesus ...

God as Living Liminality: A Queer Nonbinary Theology - Episode 34

by Samuel McConnell

August 06, 2018

Adriaan Dippenaar, director of the Seattle Nonbinary Coalition joins in to discuss how queer identity, queer tension, and queer magic helps them imagine God. God is absurd, and that's okay! The divine does not fit into any clear, clean label. This...

Autism: Finding God on the Spectrum - Episode 33

by Samuel McConnell

April 28, 2018

Sam, who is on the autism spectrum, discusses how his diverse theory of mind has brought him on a unique, exciting, and terrifying journey with and towards God.People on the spectrum develop their sense of theory of mind differently than neurotypi...

Trinity and Biblical Authority: Reclaiming Truth - Episode 32

by Samuel McConnell

March 15, 2018

This episode was originally recorded over two years ago, and shows us at a different stage in our spiritual development. Amanda, a Unitarian, defends the trinity. Sam, a relativist, defends Biblical' authority and infallibility. As modernism is ch...

Creation in Bondage to Decay: When God cursed the ground after Eden - Episode 31

by Samuel McConnell

March 01, 2018

After Eden, God curses the world with hard child birth, patriarchy, toil, and death. The curse sets female against male, humans against nature, and humanity against the snake. We explore how these curses mirror the evolution of humans and the bir...

The Sentience of the Holy Spirit: How God lives into us - Episode 30

by Samuel McConnell

February 15, 2018

The constant evolution of religious doctrines is an argument for God's living consciousness. The Spirit is sentient! Christianity has too often shunted the Holy Spirit to the corners of our canon, as sort of the third wheel of the Trinity. But th...

More Mailbag: Bible TV Shows, the Qur'an, and Empire - Episode 29

by Samuel McConnell

February 01, 2018

We answer more listener questions! How does the Spirit move and change through time? How should Christians approach the Qur'an? If we could make a Bible TV show, what book would we choose? And is America the new Roman Empire? Also, what does it me...

Forgetting the Gospel: The New Testament as Tragedy - Episode 28

by Samuel McConnell

December 31, 2017

Jesus Christ flips. He is the anti-emperor who becomes the symbol of empire. He resists all elements of power, and then becomes the all powerful. He is the incarnation that eventually rejects humanity. What Jesus stands for in the Bible versus wha...

Mailbag Episode: Propecy, Song of Songs, and What would you ask the Historical Jesus? - Episode 27

by Samuel McConnell

October 09, 2017

Listener questions we consider - What is your favorite and least favorite book of the Bible? What would you ask Jesus (historical Jesus) if you had the chance? Do you know anything about Song of Songs? I've heard some interpret it a source a me...

Hold the Tension: There are no Good or Bad Religions - Episode 26

by Samuel McConnell

July 25, 2017

Have you been burned by the church? Found solace in Zen? Maybe you love your humanist discussion group. Maybe your church is the place you feel the most loved. Maybe you're disillusioned with religion in general. How do we hold the tension between...

How to Classify Christians: Problematic Messiness - Episode 25

by Samuel McConnell

July 16, 2017

Contemporary Christianity has split into hordes of different factions. And we try to find labels to identify different kinds of Christians. These labels are probably necessary in order to talk about the modern faith. . . but these labels are also ...

Satan: The Lie that Rules the World - Episode 24

by Samuel McConnell

July 03, 2017

Satan is a powerful force of evil in Scripture. He is an independent agent who challenges God, and successfully rules the world for awhile. But Satan's power rests in a very simple lie, based on ignorance and outdated science. Satan claims that so...

Blood: Menstration and Communion - Episode 23

by Samuel McConnell

June 19, 2017

Old Testament Law is difficult to understand, especially on the topic of blood. Blood belongs to God alone, and menstruation makes women unclean half the month. Miriam, Moses's older sister, illustrates the disappointment and disillusionment peopl...

The Seven Principles: Unitarian Universalism from a Biblical Perspective - Episode 22

by Samuel McConnell

June 06, 2017

Amanda and Sam cruise all over the Bible, seeing how modern progressive ideas are ancient and Biblical. Unitarian Universalism is no longer an exclusively Christian belief network, But it is still historically linked to the Bible, and it's seven p...

Gospel Authors: How would they write our biographies - Episode 21

by Samuel McConnell

May 06, 2017

Question - which gospel author would you most like to write your biography? Sam discusses the strengths, and weaknesses, of Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John. He shows what elements of Jesus are captured in each narrative. And how those same themes wo...

Lamentations Chapter 3: Taking God on a Guilt Trip - Episode 20

by Samuel McConnell

April 09, 2017

At the center of the Book of Lamentations, there's a long fantastic personal prayer. The author is hurt by God. The author loves God. The author tries to convince himself to trust God, but God doesn't seem to work that way anymore. Lamentations 3 ...

Bible Geekery: Ranking the Minor Prophets by Entertainment Value - Episode 19

by Samuel McConnell

April 03, 2017

It's a weekday night. You want to sit back, chillax, and read a Minor Prophet. Which one will be the most fun!?!?!? This minisode answers that ageold question you didn't know you were asking. How do you rank the Minor Prophets in order of Entertai...

Lamentations: Cry Against an Abusive God - Episode 18

by Samuel McConnell

March 24, 2017

The Book of Lamentations captures that darkest sensation, when God becomes an enemy. Lamentations is our favorite book of the Bible. It has the darkest depiction of God seen in Scripture. And it may have the most hopeful, most empowering depictio...

Atheism: A Progressive Christian Critique - Episode 17

by Samuel McConnell

March 16, 2017

Hard Atheism is the claim that there are no gods. This form of secularism is outdated, unnecessary, and accidentally hurts and silences progressive or alternative forms of religion. There is a theist/atheist binary that over simplifies the wisdom ...

God Continuity: Reclaiming Christian Ancestors - Episode 16

by Samuel McConnell

March 05, 2017

In this minisode, Amanda explores threads of continuity throughout her faith journey. The presence of God and the stories of those who have drawn on that presence for strength in difficult times have been interpreted and reinterpreted, but their p...

Refugee Narratives: The Bible written in Exile - Episode 15

by Samuel McConnell

February 13, 2017

Without refugee narratives, the entire essence and logic and plot of the Bible ceases to exist. Ignore them and we lose our religion. In this episode Sam looks at how being forced out of their country impacted the Biblical authors, and really crea...

Media: If the Bible were made today - Episode 14

by Samuel McConnell

January 25, 2017

The Bible was made up of Songs, poems, prose, letters, narratives, genealogies. . . all kinds of different media. So! If the Bible were made today, it certainly would not be a book! Amanda and her husband Jim go through the Bible and figure out ho...

Reality God: Existence - Episode 13

by Samuel McConnell

January 16, 2017

The idea that God is control of absolutely everything is incredibly common. That is because all of the universe is bound by its own existence, and it is incredibly easy to turn existence into its own God. Unfortunately this God is insanely problem...

Ezekiel: The Reality Gods - Episode 12

by Samuel McConnell

January 10, 2017

Judah is finished. The temple is destroyed. The old God conception failed. The prophet Ezekiel tries to make sense of everything that's happened. And he seems to go insane. And in this process, he discovers a new God conception. A deadly and sensi...

Elijah's Despair: The Still Small Voice - Episode 11

by Samuel McConnell

January 01, 2017

Amanda shares one of the great introspective legends of Deuteronomistic History. The prophet Elijah has just saved his country from drought, and scientifically proven the existence of God. But soon his victory turns on its head, and Elijah flees f...

God is a Shapeshifter: The Bible vs. Western Theology - Episode 10

by Samuel McConnell

December 24, 2016

God is a disembodied voice. God is a rock. God is a person. God is a weather phenomena. God is Lady Wisdom. God is love. God is a whole mess of different kinds of objects. But the Western Theological tradition likes to paint God as consistent, hav...

Abimelech: Gideon's Punk Kid - Episode 9

by Samuel McConnell

December 09, 2016

Gideon illegitimate son tries to declare himself king. Lots of innocent people die in the process, and we get to hear a very trippy sermon about evil anthropomorphic plants. The central gist is that it's a very very very very bad idea to have a ki...

Gideon: When God just wants to be Famous - Episode 8

by Samuel McConnell

December 05, 2016

Gideon is a rationalist skeptic douchebag. God is an ultra absurdist diva with massive jealously issues. Together, they fight Midianites, as we explore one of the craziest and funniest moments in the saddest part of the Bible.

Origin Stories: How Amanda and Sam Lost and Found Faith - Episode 7

by Samuel McConnell

November 29, 2016

Meet us! Amanda describes growing up having fun with a strong Christian faith. She talks about how good Christian education led her to doubt certain teachings, so she eventually became agnostic. Sam describes growing up as a kinda sloppy Christian...

Faith Transitions: The Veil is Thin - Episode 6

by Samuel McConnell

November 20, 2016

Amanda describes her faith journey from conservative Christianity to agnosticism and finally into the progressive Unitarian Universalist (UU) tradition. She describes how within conservative Christianity, she struggled with 'small q questions,' fa...

Old Testament: Traditions Clash - Episode 5

by Samuel McConnell

November 17, 2016

Refugees return from exile in Babylon, and they try to rebuild. But religion is irrevocably changed. Books of the Bible start debating each other, and it gets intense. Some conservative books, like Chronicles, Ezra and Nehemiah, try to return to t...

Irony: The Key to the Bible? - Episode 4

by Samuel McConnell

November 11, 2016

Irony - Noun. The expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite. Irony is present in just about every book in the Bible. Heaven is opposite world, and the Day of the Lord is opposite Day. Things are not as they...

Old Testament: God Falls Apart - Episode 3

by Samuel McConnell

November 05, 2016

The Old Testament comprises over half a million words written by dozens of authors over a thousand years. The history of its interpretation is basically the history of the West. So we’ve decided to summarize the whole thing in two podcasts. Becaus...

Great is Thy Faithfulness: Themesong - Episode 2

by Samuel McConnell

November 04, 2016

Howdy! Every week we’ll be releasing an extra minisode where one of us or both of us tackle a shorter topic. This week we explain our Theme Song, which combines the hymn Great is Thy Faithfulness and the text it’s based on, Lamentations 3. We di...

Amos: The Bible Out of Order - Episode 1

by Samuel McConnell

November 03, 2016

In our pilot episode, we introduce ourselves and the Bible. Like, why do we care so much about the Bible that we’re doing a podcast about it? And hey, where does the Bible begin? Genesis, the first book of the Christian Bible, is a clear contende...

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