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Letter from Our Board Chair

I want to say that it has been an honor serving as the Board Chair of the CTA for the past 3 years. This is an organization admittedly still in its infancy, and it rightly means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But its creation is significant to me primarily because it offers an alternative to secular transhumanism. That is because Christian Transhumanism is transhumanism that happens in community that seeks to love its neighbors as Christ commanded.

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Inverse: When Cyborgs and Christians Compromise

Inverse Magazine asks: Can Christians can come to terms with transhumanism? It explores some of the tensions and difficulties, and finds an answer that drives to the heart of the biblical story: the blind see, the deaf hear, and the lame walk.

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Christ & Pop Culture: Can Transhumanism Lead Us Back to Orthodoxy?

Is transhumanism a new version of Gnosticism? Or is it in fact the opposite—a rejection of the Gnosticism it has found lurking in popular Christianity, and a radical attempt to reclaim the heart of Christian orthodoxy? What does this mean for how Christians should engage transhumanism? Christ and Pop Culture explores these issues!

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Baptist News Asks: Can Transhumanism Enrich Christian Theology?

A recent article at Baptist News discusses the CTA and the Embrace Warmer project, and asks whether transhumanism can enrich a Christian theology of incarnation and humanity.

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The Christian Transhumanist Affirmation

Over the last few months, I've been working with the Board and the Membership Council, to craft a Christian Transhumanist Affirmation

Of course, trying to draft a list of ideas that we all agree on is quite an undertaking—and not something we will ever get exactly right! Nevertheless, we've moved forward, consulting with academic theologians, along with other different voices and perspectives. After many rounds of revisions, I'm proud to say that we've come up with a statement I believe captures a lot of our essence.

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The Jesuit Priest Who Helped Create Modern Transhumanism

Motherboard just ran my article on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the 1930s Jesuit priest whose ideas helped lead to modern transhumanism.


Embrace & the Christian Transhumanist Association


Earlier this year, the Christian Transhumanist Association made its public debut with an open invitation to membership, and a small fundraising campaign that brought in approximately $1200. Now, as our first substantial financial act, the membership advisory council, the donors, and the board have decided to contribute that money towards a project that combines technology, compassion, and respect for human life.

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Why I became a Christian Transhumanist

Motherboard has published an article by Micah Redding on the growth of Christian transhumanism, and why Christians are beginning to look towards space exploration, artificial intelligence, radical life extension, cyborgs, and cryogenics as tools for fulfilling the Christian mission.

Just as the printing press gained incredible religious significance during the Protestant Reformation, we may see the next wave of Christians embrace transhumanist technologies as part of a sacred duty to participate with God in the redemption of the world.

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Why Christians should embrace Transhumanism

The Christian Post has published an article by Christopher Benek on why Christians should embrace transhumanism.

It has always been the goal of Christians to care for and heal the sick, give sight to the blind, help deaf to hear, the lame to walk, give voice to the mute and guide persons toward holistic betterment in community. 

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Disability Acceptance and Access

At almost any minute of any day, your life could change drastically. Our bodies are fragile, our destinies determined second-by-second. Snap your fingers. That’s how suddenly what you have come to expect for yourself, or a member of your family, could change as the result of an illness or accident. What would it mean in terms of work, mobility, relationship, identity? How quickly or slowly would you adapt to a drastically new state of reality?

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