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As members of the Christian Transhumanist Association:

  1. We believe that God’s mission involves the transformation and renewal of creation, including humanity, and that we are called by Christ to participate in that mission: working against illness, hunger, oppression, injustice, and death.
  2. We seek growth and progress along every dimension of our humanity: spiritual, physical, emotional, mental—and at all levels: individual, community, society, world.
  3. We recognize science and technology as tangible expressions of our God-given impulse to explore and discover, and as a natural outgrowth of being created in the image of God.
  4. We are guided by Jesus’ greatest commands to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength…and love your neighbor as yourself.”
  5. We believe that the intentional use of technology, coupled with following Christ, will empower us to become more human across the scope of what it means to be creatures in the image of God.

In this way we are Christian Transhumanists.

There are two membership options available: 

$100 - Voting Member

As a voting member, you participate in electing our Board of Directors, and play a significant role in many of our organizational decisions. Your donation helps us do amazing things like the Embrace Warmer Project, as well as helping to keep up with the small but unavoidable operating costs we take on. Click here to sign up for a one-year voting membership!

FREE - Basic Membership

Join us to show your support, and become involved in the Christian Transhumanist community. Click here to sign up for a free membership.