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Christian Transhumanists involved in support for Orphan Technology & Education Project

Christian Transhumanists like Dorothy Deasy have joined together with BrighterBrains to help support charitable and educational projects for orphans in Africa. To donate yourself, click to GoFundMe.com (Eggs for Orphans --- Uganda) — you'll get a wonderful Thank You photo in return, like the one below.

Towards a Relational Transhumanism

H+ magazine ran Micah Redding's response to Zoltan Istvan's radically individualist "three laws of transhumanism", arguing that the truly transhumanist future will be built on the recognition of interdependence and relationality.


Humanity+ vs Individualism+

H+ magazine has published Chris Benek's essay on the difference between a transhumanism that's really only looking out for individual advancement, versus a transhumanism that's truly working towards human advancement.

This is a big discussion in the transhumanist world at the moment, and it's something that religious and spiritual transhumanists have an important view into. Religions and spiritual traditions have spent thousands of years seeking to find the right balance between individual needs and society-level concerns.

Read the essay here:


Christianity & Transhumanism

H+ magazine ran an essay, arguing that Christianity compels us towards transhumanism.

Read the essay and comment here: http://hplusmagazine.com/2014/05/22/christianity-is-transhumanism/ 

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