The Board

Micah Redding, Executive Director

Micah Redding is a software developer and the Executive Director of the Christian Transhumanist Association. He's an international TEDx speaker and educator, and a contributor to Vice Motherboard, the Huffington Post, IEET, and Humanity+. His travels have taken him to Tahrir Square during the Arab Spring, and Afghanistan during the war.

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Agbolade omowole

Agbolade Omowole, Vice-Chair

Agbolade Omowole is an ace technology researcher and human capital development expert. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is connecting dots between Christianity and science.

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Jenne alderks

Jenne Erigero Alderks, Secretary

Jenne Alderks was born and raised Unitarian Universalist, while attending Methodist and Catholic affiliated schools. Most recently, she is participating in a theology certificate program through the Graduate Theological Union. She is a graduate of a startup incubator program working on a tech platform to engage Americans in working cooperatively to address poverty in the US. She homeschools three children. Her tech interests are deep learning and AI, particularly how they can be applied to social issues like poverty and resource distribution.

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Heather goodman

Heather Goodman, Charity Coordinator

Heather was raised a secular Jew with parents who gave her full permission to decide what she wanted to believe in. She ended up choosing Jesus. Fast-forward decades later, and she’s participated in almost every major type of Christianity. She's a progressive evangelical charismatic practioner, and is very positive about evolution being reality and the Christian faith needing to have both feet on the ground about the natural world, and about theology.

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Emily Hogan Redding, Treasurer

Emily Redding has 13 years of accounting experience, and is currently serving as Associate Vice President of Financial Services and Division Controller for a healthcare company based in Nashville, Tennessee. In her management role, she has overseen the creation and launch of multiple business processes and internal software projects.

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Neal Locke

Neal Locke is a former High School English teacher,  current Presbyterian pastor, and future monastic bicentenarian. He holds an  M.Div. and a Master of Arts in Education, both from Princeton Theological Seminary. He is a husband and a father of three who enjoys using open source software, building virtual environments, and brewing his own beer.  Ever the pioneer, Neal wrote his first program on a Commodore 64 in 1983, designed his first website in 1995, and was recognized by EdTech magazine in 2004 for being one of the first teachers in the nation to incorporate blogging in the classroom. In 2009 Neal helped to organize 1PCSL — a Presbyterian community that gathers weekly in the online virtual world of Second Life. Neal can be reached via Facebook, twitter, and Google+ using the handle “mstrlocke,” in Second Life via his avatar “Neill Loxingly,” and via his website at

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Lincoln Cannon

Lincoln Cannon is a technologist and philosopher, and leading advocate of technological evolution and postsecular religion. He is a founder, board member, and former president of the Mormon Transhumanist Association. He is a founder and board member of the Christian Transhumanist Association. And he formulated the New God Argument, a logical argument for faith in God that is popular among religious Transhumanists.

Lincoln has two decades of professional experience in the business of technology. He has worked for large enterprises, including, Merit Medical, and Symantec; at startups, including The World Table; and with investment firms, including OS Fund. He is presently CEO at Thrivous and Discerner.

Lincoln received formal education in business and the humanities. He holds an MBA from the Marriott School of Management. He holds a degree in philosophy from Brigham Young University. He is also an alumnus of the Exponential Medicine executive program at Singularity University.

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Jonathan gunnell

Jonathan Gunnell

Australian, Engineer, Christian (mostly Anglican but also have been in Baptist and Charismatic/Pentecostal churches, honorary catholic occasionally in Spanish speaking places), work in construction. Keen to see Christianity impact the developing AI governance systems and coming technology changes. Fluent in Spanish, and in all English dialects of Christian-ese.

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Mike morrell

Mike Morrell

Mike Morrell is the collaborating author, with Fr. Richard Rohr, on the best-selling 'Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation,' founder of Wisdom Camp, and a founding organizer of the justice, arts, and spirituality Wild Goose Festival. Mike curates contemplative and community experiences via Relational Yoga, the ManKind Project, and Authentic North Carolina, taking joy in holding space for the extraordinary transformation that can take place at the intersection of anticipation, imagination, and radical acceptance. Mike lives with his wife and two daughters in Asheville, North Carolina. You can read Mike’s ongoing exploration of Spirit, Culture, and Permaculture at

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Mark russell

Mark Russell

I love Jesus and love seeing how God is using and will use tech to connect and heal us. Very exciting times we are living in!

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Robert Walden Kurtz

Adventist pastor and Professor of Philosophy. Futurist, humanist, transhumanist, theist. Interests: consciousness, altruism, brain-machine interface, AI, biopsychology, ontology, epistemology, ethics.

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Gabriel redding

Gabriel Redding

Entrepreneur, creator, artificial sweetener advocate.

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