News & Announcements about the CTA

by Micah Redding

Posted on April 29, 2017

At the end of last month, we marked a historic moment for the CTA—completing our first full-board election, and appointing eight board seats. We also said goodbye to several board members who have worked hard to bring us to this point. Among them...

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by Christopher Benek

Posted on March 23, 2017

I want to say that it has been an honor serving as the Board Chair of the CTA for the past 3 years. This is an organization admittedly still in its infancy, and it rightly means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But its creat...

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by Micah Redding

Posted on March 16, 2017

Inverse Magazine asks: Can Christians can come to terms with transhumanism? It explores some of the tensions and difficulties, and finds an answer that drives to the heart of the biblical story: the blind see, the deaf hear, and the lame walk. Re...

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by Micah Redding

Posted on August 17, 2016

Is transhumanism a new version of Gnosticism? Or is it in fact the opposite—a rejection of the Gnosticism it has found lurking in popular Christianity, and a radical attempt to reclaim the heart of Christian orthodoxy? What does this mean for how ...

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by Micah Redding

Posted on August 10, 2016

A recent article at Baptist News discusses the CTA and the Embrace Warmer project, and asks whether transhumanism can enrich a Christian theology of incarnation and humanity. Read the full article by Matthew Waller here.

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by Micah Redding

Posted on April 03, 2016

Over the last few months, I've been working with the Board and the Membership Council, to craft a Christian Transhumanist Affirmation. Of course, trying to draft a list of ideas that we all agree on is quite an undertaking—and not something we wil...

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by Micah Redding

Posted on March 09, 2016

Motherboard just ran my article on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the 1930s Jesuit priest whose ideas helped lead to modern transhumanism.

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by Micah Redding

Posted on October 06, 2015

Earlier this year, the Christian Transhumanist Association made its public debut with an open invitation to membership, and a small fundraising campaign that brought in approximately $1200. Now, as our first substantial financial act, the membersh...

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by Micah Redding

Posted on August 14, 2015

Motherboard has published an article by Micah Redding on the growth of Christian transhumanism, and why Christians are beginning to look towards space exploration, artificial intelligence, radical life extension, cyborgs, and cryogenics as tools f...

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by Micah Redding

Posted on August 14, 2015

The Christian Post has published an article by Christopher Benek on why Christians should embrace transhumanism. It has always been the goal of Christians to care for and heal the sick, give sight to the blind, help deaf to hear, the lame to wal...

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by Micah Redding

Posted on July 07, 2015

At almost any minute of any day, your life could change drastically. Our bodies are fragile, our destinies determined second-by-second. Snap your fingers. That’s how suddenly what you have come to expect for yourself, or a member of your family, c...

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by Micah Redding

Posted on October 21, 2014

Christian Transhumanists like Dorothy Deasy have joined together with BrighterBrains to help support charitable and educational projects for orphans in Africa. To donate yourself, click to (Eggs for Orphans --- Uganda) — you'll get a ...

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by Micah Redding

Posted on October 14, 2014

H+ magazine ran Micah Redding's response to Zoltan Istvan's radically individualist "three laws of transhumanism", arguing that the truly transhumanist future will be built on the recognition of interdependence and relationality. http://hplusmaga...

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by Micah Redding

Posted on October 12, 2014

H+ magazine has published Chris Benek's essay on the difference between a transhumanism that's really only looking out for individual advancement, versus a transhumanism that's truly working towards human advancement. This is a big discussion in ...

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by Micah Redding

Posted on October 11, 2014

H+ magazine ran an essay, arguing that Christianity compels us towards transhumanism. Read the essay and comment here: 

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Posts from the Larger Community

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    – The spirit is willing but the flesh is week. My name’s Mark, this is May 6th, with Just got done working out, and I was thinking about the idea of what computers are doing. Ray Kurzweil talking about the age of spiritual mach...

  • The Internet Helping To Bring Hope

    Right now we are seeing the rudimentary functionality of the gospel of Christ move through the net.    The job of bringing people good news is done manually.  One day, Artificial Intelligence will do this work for us. One day I believe technology ...

  • The Serpent’s Lie

    I’ve heard it over and over again, when people are considering some new capabilities or technological power: “This is just a repeat of the Serpent’s lie, You shall be like God!” The reference is to Genesis, where the Serpent tempts Eve by prom...

  • How to create rat brain into the cloud

    This is SOOO neat!

  • The Pattern of This World

    Do not be conformed to the pattern of this world. My name is Mark. Today is April 28th, and this is an encouraging word for you about your identity, and who you are. So I just got done working out, and I was thinking about that verse, Romans 12:2,...

  • Ep 33: Ron Cole-Turner & The Theology of Transformation

    What does Christianity bring to the conversation about humanity’s future? How do we move beyond the selfishness of short-term thinking, and embrace technology as part of the renewal and transformation of all life? Ron Cole-Turner, professor of the...

  • Ghost in the Cloud Transhumanism’s simulation theology, by MEGHAN O’GIEBLYN

    I just read a great article (below): Ghost in the Cloud Transhumanism’s simulation theology,  by MEGHAN O’GIEBLYN that was published on N+1. _________________ “I DO PLAN TO BRING BACK MY FATHER,” Ray Kurzweil says. He is standing in the anemic lig...

  • Where God is moving

    Here…   You want to see where God is moving?    Just watch this. Here is where we are going…

  • Go back and tell John….

    Matthew 11:4-6  Jesus replied, “Go back and report to John what you hear and see: The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is proclaimed to the poor. Blessed...

  • Ep 32: Shannon Vyff, Cryonics & Religious Education

    Is cryonics selfish? What do Harry Potter, transhumanism & religious education have in common? What happens when kids go door-to-door raising money for life extension? Shannon Vyff—Transhumanist, Unitarian Universalist, and author of “21st Cen...

  • A Brief History of the Mormon Transhumanist Association

    <img border="0" src="" /><br /><br />At the 2017 Conference of the Mormon Transhumanist Associa...

  • Mormonism: A Religion of the Future

    <img border="0" src="" /><br /><br />In 2007 and 2008, I gave a few presentations in the virtua...

  • The horse in the field and transcending time with computers

    What’s up guys, this is Mark with the, and I’ve just been thinking about perspective and computers and God and, man, I’m just excited. I saw Eric Schmidt’s, his comments on artificial intelligence. As a Christian, I’m very excited ...

  • Ep 31: Peter Enns & How to Stop Defending the Bible (So You Can Actually Read It)

    How can certainty be a form of idolatry? Why should Christians embrace the humanity of the scriptures? How did an existentialist rant sneak into the Bible? And what does that teach us about faith? Peter Enns joins us to explore all these questions...

  • LDS Church Has No Official Position on Human Evolution

    <img border="0" src="" /><br /><br />The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), the la...

  • Gods judgment vs mans judgment

  • How to Read Scripture

    Reading scripture is meant to be hard. I don’t mean that it has to be tedious or boring or anger-inducing or something like that. I mean that the meaning is not just floating on the surface, waiting to be scooped off like so much pond scum. No, th...

  • Ep 30: Robert Wright & the Purpose of Evolution

    Can evolution have a purpose? Are we living in an alien zoo? Does the cosmos evolve? Why did Christianity emerge when it did? What is the direction of human society—and are we at a crisis point in history? Best-selling author Robert Wright explore...

  • A Vision for Mormon Transhumanism

    <img border="0" src="" /><br /><br />I envision the role of Mormon Transhumanism in c...

  • Ep 29: Calvin Mercer—Theology & the Trickiest Questions in Transhumanism

    How does religion grapple with transhumanism and radical life extension? What does a theology of Extraterrestrials say about a theology of AI? Is Mind Uploading a rejection of the body, or an affirmation of St Paul's theology of resurrection?

  • Wireheading, Faith Healing, and Why the Placebo Effect is the Most Important Thing in the World

    If you could flip a switch and experience more pleasure than you have ever felt in your entire life—would you do it? What if that switch also made you feel incredibly happy and joyful? What if it made you feel contented and successful and accompl...

  • Ep 28: Robert Walden Kurtz & the Zero Sum Game

    Can a Seventh-Day Adventist be a transhumanist? Robert Walden Kurtz, Adventist pastor and Professor of Philosophy, says yes! Join us as we discuss robots stealing your job, mind-mapping Jesus, the hidden threat of washing machines, zero-sum games,...

  • How to handle God’s audacious vision for humanity

    I’ve recently been rediscovering how truly audacious the biblical vision for humanity is. According to even a cursory reading of the scriptures, humanity is made in the image of God, given charge of the entire world, and called to participate with...

  • Why the Lego Batman Movie might Save Civilization

    The other day I saw The Lego Batman Movie, a great addition to both the Batman movie franchise, and the Lego movie franchise. It had action, adventure, drama, romance—and more cameos from familiar good guys, bad guys, and ambiguous guys than you c...

  • Ep 27: Christopher Benek—Presbyterian, Pastor, Transhumanist

    Is it possible to be a Presbyterian and a Transhumanist? Rev. Christopher Benek, pastor of a large Presbyterian church, and graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, says yes! Join us as we discuss how AI will participate in God's redemption, ho...

  • What would you have done?

    I’ve spent my entire life wondering what I would do at certain junctures in history. Would I have followed Jesus—or stood with the Pharisees? Would I have worked against slavery—or argued that it was a necessary evil? Would I have opposed the Nazi...

  • Why Christians need a Minimum Viable Theology

    I am a Christian, and part of what that means is that I am an heir of an incredibly dense and comprehensive cultural tradition. I would call it a maximal cultural tradition, as it has produced art, music, literature, language, buildings, societies...

  • What is Happening in the World?

    Here is what I believe is happening in the world. Accelerating technological change has unleashed an era of unprecedented prosperity, freedom, and opportunity. The necessity of extreme poverty is vanishing in the rear view mirror, the incidence ...

  • If You Could Hie to Kolob (Endless Version)

    <img border="0" src="" /><br /><br />"<a href="

  • How to Become Immortal

    In the last few years, a number of different organizations have launched projects to end aging and radically extend human longevity. Google’s Calico Labs is perhaps the most well-known effort, followed by Aubrey De Grey’s SENS foundation—but many ...

  • Christianity is Love

    Christianity is the assertion that love is the most powerful force in the universe. Of course, when we talk about love, all kinds of ideas come to mind, from romance to hippies to powerful feelings about ice cream. (And by the way, if you don’t ...

  • How a Mormon Kid Recognized that He Was a Transhumanist

    <img border="0" src="" /><br /><br />Implicitly, I’ve been a <a href="http://lincoln.metacan...

  • Partnership with God

    This Fall I taught a Bible class at my local church, along with Kyle Creamer, Nate Underwood, Emily Stutzman Jones (Lipscomb’s Director of Sustainability), Rob Touchstone (founder of the Well Coffeehouse), Tim Catchim (creator of OneLife Ministrie...

  • Jesus Invites All to Share in the Titles and Roles of Christ

    <img border="0" src="" /><br /><br />Jesus has many titles and corresponding roles, most nota...

  • Ep 26: Philip Clayton & The Spectrum of Belief

    Raised by atheists, now a theologian and philosopher, Philip Clayton joins us to discuss the messy world between doubt and belief, feeling stuck in Christianity, and being okay with unanswered questions.

  • How Self-Help Really Works

    At the beginning of last year, I inadvertently found myself listening to an interview with self-help guru Tony Robbins. That interview made me curious, and pretty soon I had listened to several interviews, a 20-hour full-length audiobook, and a co...

  • The Revolutionary Story

    In the movie Elysium, some people live in a paradise city in the sky, while…(can you guess the next part?)…some people live in a hell on earth. I bet you could have guessed the second part even if I hadn’t told you. Why? Because you know this sto...

  • Unclean Christianity

    In the ancient world, leprosy was incredibly unclean—if you had it, you were not simply unhealthy, you were cast out of society. For you to touch anyone was to risk contaminating them. You had to live on the outskirts of town, shouting “unclean! u...

  • Ep 25: Katharine Hayhoe, Christians & Climate Change

    Katharine Hayhoe shares her unexpected journey to becoming an evangelical Christian climate scientist, discusses evidence for climate change, and explains why working to solve our climate problems doesn't mean "Big Government!". We explore optimis...

  • Top 10 Christian Transhumanist Scriptures from the Bible

    <img border="0" src="" /><br /><br />The Bible teaches Christian Transhumanism. Or, in other words, as presen...

  • Ep 24: Greg Boyd & The Open-Ended God

    Greg Boyd on how God enters the cosmic dance through Science, Scripture, and Us. We explore faith & doubt, quantum physics & relativity, Christ-shaped politics, and the hard parts of the Bible!

  • To Love Is Better Than To Know Is Better Than To Obey

    <img border="0" src="" /><br /><br />Spencer, my oldest son, recently completed training to be a missionary ...

  • Ep 23: Genesis vs The Babylonians

    Genesis vs the Babylonians, Eastern Orthodoxy vs American Fundamentalism, theosis vs playing god, and why early Christians kept talking about the 8th day of the week.

  • Response to a New God Argument Critique by Timothy Killian

    <img border="0" src="" /><br /><br />Timothy Killian authored a critique of the <a href="https://new...

  • Ep 22: Derek Flood & Disarming Scripture

    The Bible is a rap battle! How to read the Bible like Jesus did, how to wrestle with the hard parts, and how the scientific method can make us better Christians.

  • Ep 21: Science Mike—Losing & Finding God

    How to lose your religion, disrupt your life, and become a skeptic with faith! Science Mike describes his faith journey, and discusses brain science, space exploration, cryonics, and the oceanification of Miami.

  • My TEDx talk: We All Live in the Developing World

    Back in March, I had the privilege of speaking at a TEDx event in the Cayman Islands. My topic? We all live in the developing world. The idea is simple. When we say “the developed world”, it suggests that our society is already finished—that ...

  • Ep 20: Predestination vs Free Will

    Why do some people believe it's all determined, and others believe it's up to us? Religious or irreligious, scientist or non-scientist, transhumanist or singularitarian—people can't agree on this subject. We look to CS Lewis, Ghostbusters, the Bea...

  • Terror and Awe, Faith and Freedom

    We often encounter new things in very different ways. Sometimes, new things are terrifying—even demonic. Sometimes, new things are freedom. Talking to Emily the other day, I was struck by how quickly we can switch between these responses. I remem...

  • All Are Alive

    I have often thought about the way we define ‘death’. When is someone actually dead? At one point in time, we defined death as the point when someone’s heart stopped beating. Now, we define death as the cessation of brain activity. But even “...

  • Minimum Viable Theology: We Are Not Alone

    This is part of a series on a Minimum Viable Theology. The idea is to see if we can construct a minimal theological starter kit, using only reasonable assumptions. The first entry is about why good wins. You should start there. The Theistic Premi...

  • The Omega Point Theory

    One of the reasons that science has been widely regarded as an atheistic enterprise over the years, is that for quite a while now, it has preached a future of relentless annihilation. Ever since the laws of thermodynamics were formulated, the out...

  • The Creative Process of God

    For quite a while now, I’ve been suffering through something I might call abstraction angst. It’s hard to describe to those who haven’t experienced it, but you might get a little of the flavor if you imagine working at a bank, handling thousands a...

  • Ep 19: Frank Tipler & The End of the Universe

    What does physics say about the ultimate future? Professor Tipler explains the Omega Point Theory, how life can exist all the way to the end of time, and what Christianity has to say about all of this.

  • Women in the Church

    If you, like me, grew up in a “Bible-believing church”, one thing that might have been discussed is the question of what role women could play in church services. You might have been told, for example, that the Bible clearly teaches women to be si...

  • I Was a Teenage Existentialist

    When I was 12, I began to wonder whether I was becoming an atheist. I couldn’t tell, of course, because while I knew I was exploring things that had turned other people into atheists, I didn’t know whether they inevitably led people into atheism, ...

  • Ep 18: Self-Driving Cars & Animated GIFs save the world

    Amy and Micah tackle self-driving cars, the rise of nomadic culture, how stories create technology, and why animated GIFs are saving the world.

  • The Infinite Resurrection

    A few months ago, I gave a talk entitled “The Infinite Resurrection” at the annual conference of the Mormon Transhumanist Association. The MTA are always great hosts, and I enjoyed the opportunity to meet and talk with many of the other speakers. ...

  • Ep 17: Kevin Kelly and The Inevitable

    What's Inevitable, and what we get to choose? Micah Redding and Kevin Kelly discuss rapidly approaching technological change, the advent of Artificial Intelligence, and how technology challenges and illuminates our understanding of God, faith, and...

  • The Dark Side of Knowledge

    The other day, I explored the story of Genesis, and its perplexing account of the corruption of mankind through the knowledge of good and evil. I tried to unpack some of the overlooked dynamics of the story, to get at what it is telling us about h...

  • Ep 16: Wilderness

    The deep challenges of losing your faith community, questioning your own beliefs, and dealing with the difficult process of building a new world.

  • Ep 15: Back to the Future!

    Where are our hoverboards? Our flying cars? Where is the future we were promised? Micah and Amy go Back to the Future, just in time to get this episode out six months late!

  • The Three Jobs in Our Future

    The other day I posted a hypothesis I was working on, and stirred up some wide-ranging discussion on Twitter. After a while, this kind of thing becomes difficult to squeeze into 140-character chunks, so I thought I would unpack my thinking a bit m...

  • Ep 14: Paul Wallace & The Stars Beneath Us

    Paul Wallace talks about the exhilaration and vertigo of living in expanding cosmos, and how this both humbles us, and helps us rise to the challenge of suffering.

  • Ep 13: Cloning Jesus with Christian Piatt

    What if someone cloned Jesus, to kickstart the second coming? What if fringe religious groups USED science for a change? Christian Piatt explains his religious sci-fi thriller, and tackles thorny questions in science, faith, and progressive spirit...

  • Ep 12: Politics & Transhumanism

    Micah and Amy venture into the forbidden world of transhumanist political commentary, while Micah keeps trying to change the subject to almost anything else, including Alien Death Stars, Greek tragedies, time travel, and the first Christian heresy.

  • Ep 11: Singularity & Superheroes

    Micah and Amy discuss the disruptiveness of the Singularity, the creepiness of robots, the awesomeness of superheroes, and the importance of origin stories.

  • Ep 10: Adam Ericksen, Rene Girard & The Mechanisms of Violence

    Micah Redding talks to Adam Ericksen about Rene Girard, the mechanisms of violence, and how Jesus unravels the ancient cycle of myth and scapegoating.

  • Ep 9: Thomas Jay Oord and the Open Future of God

    Micah Redding & Thomas Jay Oord talk about free will, predestination, and the open-ended future of God - and explore deep questions about miracles, science, and recent blockbuster movies.

  • Ep 8: Liz Parrish, Life Extension & Reversing the Aging Process

    Micah Redding talks to Liz Parrish, the first human to be given gene therapy to reverse aging. Micah & Liz discuss risk-taking, the potential issues with life extension, and what happens if this treatment becomes available to the world.

  • Ep 7: Steve Fuller, Space Arks & the Proactionary Imperative

    Micah Redding and Dr. Steve Fuller discuss SPACE ARKS, the meaning of faith, the risk-taking nature of science, and why the future of politics isn't about left and right.

  • Ep 6: Evil Capitalists!

    Micah & Amy discuss whether transhumanism is just an apologetic for capitalism, what will drive the economies of the future, and how Christians need to get out and play more…even if it means finding yourself mixed up in a plot to overthrow Hit...

  • Ep 5: James Hughes, Religious Transhumanism & the Longevity Dividend

    Micah Redding & James Hughes explore cyber-Buddhism, religious transhumanism, and the longevity dividend, covering topics like Universal Basic Income, the Christian theology of personal identity, and the importance of a powerful vision for the...

  • Ep 4: Life Extension

    In this episode, Micah Redding and Amy Gaskin talk about radical life extension.

  • Ep 3: Practical Steps

    In this episode, Micah Redding and Amy Gaskin start talking about practicality, and then end up discussing Joseph Campbell, Harry Potter, transcendence, and speculative theology. Don't worry, it's all connected.

  • Ep 2: Doomsday!

    In this episode, Micah Redding and Amy Gaskin talk about doomsday!

  • Ep 1: What is Transhumanism?

    In this first episode, Micah Redding and Amy Gaskin ask the question 'What is Transhumanism?', and then go on to explore the landscape at the intersection of Christianity and Transhumanist thought.

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