Announcing the Academic Advisory Council

Micah Redding

Posted on 2017-06-02T04:30:40.341Z

In keeping with our aim to continue advancing the conversation around Christianity and Transhumanism, I'm very pleased to announce our new Academic Advisory Council. The council will help inform our growth and development, and establish a center of positive engagement at the intersection of Christianity, Transhumanism, and the academic world.

The advisory council consists of:
Ron Cole-Turner
Jay Gary
James Hughes
Calvin Mercer
Ted Peters
J. Jeanine Thweatt
Frank Tipler

Each member brings incredible insight, experience, and academic accomplishment to this important conversation, and has helped to pave the way in significant areas. Together, they represent an unprecedented level of scholarship brought to bear on the field of Christian Transhumanism.

Read more about each of them here

We welcome the benefit of their insight and study in the years ahead!

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