2018 Board Election Results

Micah Redding

Posted on 2018-04-02T23:41:28.869Z

Over the last month, we've been holding elections for the Board of the Christian Transhumanist Association. Each seat is appointed for a three-year term, and serves to represent the CTA to the larger world, and to represent our broad community as we pioneer this important conversation. The election results are now in.

Congratulations to our newest board members: Jonathan Gunnell, Mike Morrell, and Mark Russell. Welcome!

We also said goodbye to previous board members Amy Gaskin and Timothy Langer, both of whom have worked hard and made valuable contributions to our community. We look forward to their continued participation and contribution in the future.

Our new board consists of Neal Locke, Emily Hogan Redding, Lincoln Cannon, Jonathan Gunnell, Robert Walden Kurtz, Mike Morrell, Gabriel Redding, and Mark Russell.

These folks are your representatives, so be sure to reach out and make contact. You are at the core of our future, and we want to hear your ideas, your suggestions, and even your hair-brained schemes.

I am incredibly grateful for the contributions and encouragement of everyone who is making this effort possible. I truly believe this is the most important conversation of our time.

Here's to a great year!

Micah Redding
Executive Director

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