A New Era for the CTA

Micah Redding

Posted on 2020-03-20T16:52:44.295Z

Since I first published A Call for Interest in a Christian Transhumanist Association, I hoped that the CTA would grow to become a community-driven and democratic institution. I've been thrilled to see numerous leaders develop within our community, as people grew and articulated their own understanding and perspective on the intersection of faith, science, and the future. Our board members, our volunteers, our active participants—all show the potential of a community like ours to help transform the world.

In keeping with that vision, for the first time, I’m running as a candidate in our annual board election this month.

This marks a new era in the history of the CTA. I've served the CTA as board-appointed Executive Director since the very beginning. Now, I am seeking the will of our members directly, as we elect the next slate of leaders going forward. If I continue in leadership, I hope to do so based on the direct support of our membership.

To that end, three board seats are up for election, as in previous years. If I am elected, I will transition from appointed to elected member of the board, and I will continue in my role. The same number of board seats will be maintained (9), and going forward, the Executive Director will be an elected member of the board.

I would love to continue serving the CTA for years to come. But more importantly, I hope for the CTA to grow to become a robust, empowered, and empowering community of vision, action, and ideas.

Thank you for all of your involvement and support. Your voice matters, and now is your time to shape the next era of the CTA. If you are a voting member, join the candidate discussions here. If you are not yet a voting member, take this opportunity to join.

We are living through a time of rapid, disruptive change. I believe that the existence of the CTA—and your involvement in it—is more important than ever.

Micah Redding
Executive Director

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