Ep 36: Aubrey de Grey & Radical Life Extension

Micah Redding, Aubrey de Grey

Posted on 2017-08-28 14:05:00


See Aubrey de Grey live at the first ever Christian Transhumanist Conference on August 25th, 2018—in Nashville, TN!

Aubrey de Grey pioneers anti-aging research, answers your questions about the future this is leading to, and explains why not working to defeat aging would be a sin.


Aubrey de Grey is a biomedical gerontologist, the founder & Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation, editor-in-chief of Rejuvenation Research, and author of the book Ending Aging.

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Important thoughts:

  • Aging causes more suffering than almost anything in the world
  • 90% of the medical budget of the western world is spent on costs associated with old age
  • The cure for Heart Disease and Cancer is being held back by the reluctance to deal with aging itself
  • Aging & Medicine
  • Aging isn't “programmed in”: much of our body's machinery is dedicated to fighting aging
  • Ending aging is continuous with current medical practice
  • Ending aging will never look like a “magic pill”—it will necessarily be an ongoing cooperative process of society.
  • World impact
  • The UN predicts that human population will peak, and start to decline, sometime this century
  • Out of pure economic necessity, world governments will pay for universal anti-aging therapy
  • Repairing damage to our bodies can correlate with repairing damage to the planet
  • The clash between science and engineering: understanding a problem, vs solving a problem
  • It would be a sin not to work on ending aging

How might this interact with religion?


“Ageing is, simply and clearly, the accumulation of damage in the body. That's all that ageing is.” <-- click to tweet

“If changing our world is playing God, it is just one more way in which God made us in His image.” <-- click to tweet

Ep 36: Aubrey de Grey & Radical Life Extension
Christian Transhumanist Podcast
Micah Redding, Aubrey de Grey
2017-08-28 14:05:00

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