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Ep 41: David Pearce & Engineering Paradise


David Pearce lays out a plan for building heaven on earth, shows us why vegans need more science fiction, and explains why computers may never become conscious.


David Pearce is a philosopher, a founder of the World Transhumanist Association (now called Humanity+), and the author of The Hedonistic Imperative.




"Computers may never become conscious." <-- Click to tweet

"The pain-pleasure axis exposes the world's metric of value." — @webmasterdave

"Every child born today is a unique genetic experiment." — @webmasterdave

"Ending suffering for good entails tackling its genetic-biological roots, i.e. a programming solution." — @webmasterdave

"All that matters is the pleasure-pain axis." — @webmasterdave

Ep 41: David Pearce & Engineering Paradise
Christian Transhumanist Podcast
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